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The 1st Community dedicate to sharing media and info related to 純烈
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Welcome to Junretsu-Fans, the first Community dedicate to sharing info and media about 純烈 (Junretsu), a Kayoukyoku sextet male group with an average height of 183cm.


* This is a Community dedicated to JUNRETSU, so please keep all topics about they and their works. Each post should be related to JUNRETSU and / or any of its members.

* The main Language is English. I know that is not everyone's native Language (mine is not English, for example), but is probably the easiest way for us all to understand what is say. For this reason, I request not to write like a SMS or MSN, it is not a cell phone or a chat, is a Community and We must all do our best to understand each other. You may include the original Japanese (or another Language) text if you like, but please romanize and/or translate them.

* Do not to upload to other Web or streaming sites the content of this Community; unless the uploader or informant specific permission in the post.

* No fake lj-cuts that lead to other Communities, Blogs, Journals, ect.. The Info, Media, etc. must be post in this Community.

* Please lock all Entries. It's a Community for Members Only.

* Music, subtitles, translations, scans, videos and other original media are OK.

* Do not post personal ads, selling post, etc.

* Respect JUNRETSU, their members and this Community (junretsu_fans) members.

* More detailed information on the RULES POST.

* Whenever possible, buy the original merchandising.

* That's all. Enjoy your stay in this Community, because that's the main rule ^.^


* News and information about JUNRETSU, including members' individual activities.

* Reviews of their performances (as JUNRETSU or individual). Must be posted in the community and own authorship

* All kinds of stuff related to them (videos, music, scans, etc.).

* Translations and subtitles are more than welcome.

* If it's about JUNRETSU, certainly has its place in junretsu_fans ^^.





* Feel free to contact the Moderators if you have questions or suggestions ^^.


* 純烈 (JUNRETSU).

* 酒井一圭 (Sakai Kazuyoshi).

* 白川 裕二 (Shirakawa Yuujirou).

* 小田井 涼平 (Odai Ryouhei).

* 友井 雄亮 (Tomoi Yuusuke).

* 林田 達也 (Hayashida Tatsuya).

* 後上 翔太 (Gogami Shouta).

* JUNRETSU Official Website.




+ RULES Post.


+ RE-UP Post..

+ INDEX Post

+ Need to know how to use Lj? This Links will help Lj FAQ n_n

+ If you want to be part of the Community but don't have a Lj Account, you can create and use an OpenID account. Chech the FAQs HERE.

Enjoy ^^.


Before JOINING and / or WATCHING the Community, please read the RULES and the WELCOME Post.
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